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Shirasu-kabe Uses

Ideal for Single Family Residences, Apartments, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Hospitals, Senior Care Facilities, Schools, Kindergartens and Warehouses

Since Shirasu-kabe is made from all-natural ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals, it's ideal for use in homes with infants, children or seniors with low resistance to infections. Shirasu-kabe's humidity-conditioning properties make it well suited to combating condensation in apartments, and for use in warehouses where humidity is a problem. In food handling facilities such as restaurants and cafeterias where odors are an ongoing concern, Shirasu-kabe has a proven track record of reducing odors. Users confirm that Shirasu-kabe substantially reduces problem food or tobacco odors. Shirasu-kabe is also well suited to facilities where occupant health is critical, such as hospitals, senior care facilities, schools, kindergartens and daycare facilities.

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