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Café NESCAFE Harajuku

used on interior walls: Biocera,Biocera Light

In addition to serving delectable coffee, this spacious café is equipped with a large screen that presents video and music contents to guests and customers.

Shirasu-kabe is used for the interior décor around the screen. 

The Shirasu-kabe used is Biocera and Biocera Light, our interior wall materials.

The alignment combines a variety of colors and textures and showcases the rich expression of Shirasu-kabe.  

 ◇ Shirasu-kabe variations you can find at Café NESCAFE

     – Biocera SN-4 Arabake (Brush Lines with Smoothed Finish)

     – Biocera SN-1 Arabake (Brush Lines with Smoothed Finish)

    – Biocera Light L-21 Kotenome (Trowel-made Pattern Finish)


 Enjoy a wonderful time at the café with a cup of NESCAFE’s excellent coffee in your hand.

Café NESCAFE Harajuku (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo)

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