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Renovation Industry Trade Show

Takachiho Shirasu exhibited at “Renovation and Interiors 2013”, which was held over three days from Friday, September 27 to Sunday September 29 at Tokyo Big Sight.

“Renovation and Interiors 2013” is a large-scale event attended by numerous renovation industry companies offering products and services related to interiors and exteriors, plumbing and related equipment, smart and environmentally friendly renovation, earthquake countermeasures, and large-scale renovation of apartment buildings.

At the booth, our technical staff gave a workmanship demonstration.

A lot of visitors watched the demonstration, with many diligently taking notes and snapping photos.


After the demonstration, many visitors asked a variety of questions. The experience gave us a new appreciation for just how much attention the all-natural Shirasu-kabe is attracting in Japan.

Takachiho Shirasu regularly exhibits at large-scale events. Don’t hesitate to drop by our booth if there is an event on the next time you are in Japan.




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