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Housing/Construction Industry Trade Show

Leading on from “Renovation & Interiors 2013” in September, Takachiho Shirasu exhibited at Japan Home Show 2013, which was held over three days from Wednesday, October 23 to Friday October 25 at Tokyo Big Sight.

Japan Home Show 2013 is a specialist business-to-business trade show targeting members of the housing and construction industries. It is attended by numerous professional tradespeople to purchase products, tools, and services related to single-family homes, apartments, and other types of housing and to gather information about the industry. The very lively large-scale show also includes lectures, seminars, and special events.


As with the previous exhibition, our technical staff gave a workmanship demonstration at the booth.

Given that all attendees were professional tradespeople, many people watched the demonstration earnestly and we fielded several technical questions afterwards. All in all, the event generated a lot of enthusiasm.

Japanese tradespeople regard all-natural Shirasu-kabe as a differentiated product, making it the focus of a lot of attention. The event was also attended by overseas visitors.

Takachiho Shirasu regularly exhibits at large-scale events. Don’t hesitate to drop by our booth if there is an event on the next time you are in Japan.




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