Takachiho’s Firm Commitment to All-Natural Materials

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Nature’s Stunning Complexity

Born of magma deep beneath the earth, shirasu has a structure too complex to be replicated by human technology, and a wide range of uses enabled primarily by its humidity-conditioning and deodorizing properties.
Its widespread appeal comes completely from nature.

Since home builders must always put occupant health and comfort first, Takachiho has always been committed to products created only from all-natural materials such as shirasu.
Fulfilling this commitment to natural materials has always been our mission. Shirasu-kabe Biocera and Biocera Light are healthy building materials produced by Takachiho from all-natural shirasu.

Image of Nature's Stunning Complexity

Top Quality Produced and Delivered to Order

Since Takachiho’s Shirasu-kabe plaster material is an all-natural product free from preservatives and other chemical additives, we ensure its freshness by producing it to order like a high-quality foodstuff. Shirasu-kabe is produced at an ISO 9001-certified plant in Japan. All manufacturing processes are supervised by local workers who are highly knowledgeable about shirasu. Takachiho’s production methods are mainly low-tech, manual processes. We avoid mechanical operations whenever possible. Each individual bag of product is filled with care to meet each order.

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Our uncompromised commitment to all-natural materials

A person ingests about 2kg of food per day.
A person also breathes about 15kg of air per day.
The air in homes, where people spend much of their time, is even more important for family health than food.
Modern homes are highly airtight.
Even with 24 hour/day ventilation, indoor air is much more polluted than we think, by chemicals diffused from building materials and by the odors and moisture produced by people’s daily lives.

In the same way that we select chemical-free vegetables or mineral water for the sake of our health, we must exercise even more caution when considering the safety of indoor air.

Takachiho Shirasu-kabe is comprised of all-natural material.
Its main raw material is shirasu, which has co-existed naturally with human beings for 25.000 years.
Its secondary raw materials are all natural materials found in nature which surrounds people’s daily lives.
It is a reassuring material, with an incomparable level of safety that adequately meets the modern standards established for human use.

Eco-Friendly Properties

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