Shirasu and Magma

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Shirasu and Magma

Soil is rock that has been weathered into powder. It develops over a long period of time, affected by various environmental factors such as biological and meteorological influences. Soil supplies nutrients and water to plants and is an essential provider for the foundations of all organic life, starting with us – humans.

Shirasu, in turn, is the result of a pyroclastic flow of magma which instantaneously cooled as it erupted, and has the same physical characteristics as finely ground inorganic rock. It therefore can be considered a primitive soil that is untouched by the actions of plants or microorganisms.

Image of Shirasu and Magma

‘Magma Soup’ Fostered Life on Earth

Image of Magma Soups

Magma erupting into ancient oceans was slowly cooled into minerals that gradually dissolved and released various elements and compounds. The oceans became a ‘magma soup’ of complex molecules that eventually formed into proteins. Over millions of years of evolution, these proteins gave rise to all life as we know it today, including even ourselves.

The Bond Between Shirasu and Humans

Since shirasu is a special soil that is born from magma, it can be said that magma itself is a distant ancestor of shirasu, and therefore also of humans, who share a deep, longstanding, living bond with the soil. The effects of shirasu manifest naturally as if an inherent part of our own human DNA memory, and bring a tranquility-inducing healthiness.

Image of Shirasu and Humans

All-Natural Materials

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