An orthodontic office Tokyo


Takachiho-shirasu product used on interior walls: Biocera

The theme of this orthodontic office is the full and proper healing of its patients’ dental issues.
Takachiho’s Biocera has been used inside of this office.


Natural materials have been skillfully adopted in the examination rooms.
Beginning with the Shirasu-kabe, the adopting of an extensive amount of natural materials gives this office measures against sick building syndrome as well as a comfortable and peaceful environment.
What’s more, you can barely detect the distinctive smell that is normally present in dental offices.


The head orthodontist gave his opinion as follows.
“I myself have allergies, so I want to avoid sick building syndrome. That’s the reason why we used Shirasu-kabe. These walls absorb moisture and do not give off any odor.
People can come to this office without having to worry about sick building syndrome.
For a medical office such as ours, you have to keep issues like this one in mind.
I’d like to continue giving good quality medical care in this office.”
The humidity controlling and deodorizing effects of Shirasu-kabe are being put to the test.


This medical office that has adopted Shirasu-kabe, which are made with materials that are 100% natural, has provided its patients with a tranquil environment in which the patients can calmly receive their medical treatment.


An orthodontic office in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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