The Primary School


used on interior walls: Biocera Light

Yitian Kindergarten Attached to the Primary School of Northeast Normal University (Changchun, China)

The kindergarten is renowned as the world’s largest kindergarten with over 1,000 children enrolled.
Shirasu walls are used in more than 30 classrooms, making this a big project with about 2,000 square meters of area to coat with Biocera Lite.
Shirasu wall was the preferred choice due to its acclaimed quality and functionality.


Shirasu wall is 100% natural and free of any sick building syndrome-inducing substances, which can create a safe environment for children.
It also powerfully absorbs VOC substances emitted from other furniture and structural materials, not allowing them to be released back into the environment.


For parents for whom the well-being of their children is high priority, Shirasu wall is the perfectly safe wall material.
Shirasu walls help make an environment that promotes children’s healthy growth.


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