Café and Restaurant LENRI

Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN


Takachiho-shirasu product used on interior walls: Biocera

Café and restaurant LENRI offers views of intertwining tree branches. LENRI is very popular for delicious coffee and dishes featuring fresh ingredients taken from its own farm.
The restaurant interior uses Biocera.


We asked LENRI’s owner what was behind the decision to use shirasu walls:
“We saw shirasu walls at an exhibition in Tokyo, liked the look of them, and decided to use them in our own home. The comfortable atmosphere they create and the fact that they’re 100% natural convinced us to use them in the restaurant as well.”
The owner chose shirasu walls for their own customers after having experienced the benefits first-hand. The interior of the restaurant is fresh and it is obvious that the smell of food is not a problem thanks to walls’ odor-eliminating properties.


Café and restaurant LENRI has another place where you can relax and forget about time.
You guessed it – the bathroom.
The owner insisted on creating a comfortable, relaxing space where patrons aren’t afraid to take their time. Apparently the restaurant gets a lot of positive reviews from customers who rave about “the most fantastic restroom I’ve ever seen!”
Naturally the bathroom walls are shirasu walls which absorb any lingering odors.
The large opening lets in natural light, which, combined with artificial lighting, brings out the natural expression of the walls.


The home-grown vegetables provided by LENRI’s own farm are organic so that customers can savor true, natural vegetable flavors.
The restaurants’ pursuit of the real thing is something it shares with shirasu walls which are made from 100% natural materials.


Café and Restaurant LENRI
(Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, JAPAN)

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