Takachiho-shirasu product used on interior walls: Biocera

Takachiho’s Biocera Shirasu-kabe plaster material has been used to plaster the guest room interior walls of this ryokan (traditional Japanese inn).


A guest room plastered with Biocera SN-16

Why did the owner of this ryokan select Shirasu-kabe?
“The designer wanted a ‘retro modern’ look for this ryokan.
The color scheme is based on the natural color of Shirasu-kabe, with the wall and ceiling materials selected to match it.
The pillars and beams effectively use wood from old buildings. They’ve been given a double coat of kakishibu as an accent to the color scheme.” (Kakishibu is a traditional Japanese coloring agent made from the fermented juice of unripe persimmons. The color comes from the tannin molecules.)


“Shirasu-kabe’s biggest benefit is the peace of mind that comes from knowing it’s all natural.
The wide range of visitors we get leave behind many different odors.
Our Shirasu-kabe guest rooms eliminate odors naturally a short while after guests leave. I like the way the natural odor returns, even if it doesn’t happen right away.
We also have lower humidity than we had in our old building.”
All the rooms have been plastered with Shirasu-kabe to ensure a relaxing stay for guests.
Refreshing air circulates throughout the facility.
Shirasu-kabe’s odor-absorption and humidity-control properties provide daily benefits.


 Left: Dining room  Right: Hallway

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