Of Hair Beauty Salon , Jiyugaoka West Branch

Jiyugaoka, Tokyo


Takachiho product used on interior walls: Biocera

Takachiho’s Biocera plastering material has been used on the interior of a new branch of the Of Hair beauty salon that opened last September in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. Of Hair is a new concept in beauty salons that promotes sensory relaxation.



Clients enter the salon on a floor with a vaulted ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows designed to maximize natural light. The generously partitioned deluxe space gives each client ample room to fully relax in.

After passing through the entranceway floor, clients ascend a staircase in the back leading to special booths for manicures and hair treatments—an unusual feature for a beauty salon. Takachiho’s Biocera plastering material has been used on the interior walls of this area.

Of Hair representative Osamu Furusato decided to use Biocera for the interior design of the new branch. Furusato is originally from Kagoshima, the same place that produces Biocera’s main ingredient, shirasu volcanic soil.

Furusato first heard of walls made with shirasu-based plaster from a hometown acquaintance. “Originally I was thinking of using it in my home, but since we just happened to be renovating our salons, I thought that would be a good opportunity to use it,” he says. “After all, using local materials is part of revitalizing the local community,” he quips.

One month after the new branch opened, manager Miura was impressed by Biocera’s performance. “The smell of the chemicals we use for permanents and manicures really tend to linger, but they’re not a problem here,” he said. “The smell doesn’t get trapped in the private rooms we use for manicures and hair treatments, even when they’re closed off. It’s great.”


Of Hair representative Osamu Furusato


Left: The plaster was given a rough-brushed head cut finish with horizontal lines created using a special brush.
Right: Private rooms let clients relax in comfort while receiving manicures or hair treatments.

Of Hair Jiyugaoka West Branch: A new relaxation space that redefines the traditional hair salon
Biocera’s deodorizing and humidity-conditioning properties will help the new branch provide its renowned ‘total beauty’ makeovers.

Another successful application of Takachiho’s new Biocera plaster material.


Of Hair Jiyugaoka West Branch

Second Floor, Assorti Building
2-9-14 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Tel.: 03-5701-7676
Website: www.ofhair.co.jp



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