cafe 2010


This cafe was the brainchild of Hidetoshi Nakata. cafe 2010 was a temporary cafe set up in the Shibuya area of downtown Tokyo to allow visitors to watch all the matches of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa. The cafe was the brainchild of Hidetoshi Nakata, a former professional soccer player who represented Japan in international matches. Its interior was plastered with Shirasukabe plaster material. cafe 2010 was the third temporary food service outlet created for a world cup. Similar establishments were created for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Japan and 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.
The cafe showcased some of the attractive features of Japan that Nakata had discovered through Revalue NIPPON, a project he is undertaking to explore the nation’s highlights. The menu featured local specialties and Japanese produce Nakata discovered on travels throughout the country, acquainting soccer viewers with Japan’s food and traditional culture.
Nakata chose Shirasukabe since it aligned well with his cafe’s concept. Shirasukabe is an all-natural construction material made from shirasu, a natural volcanic soil unique to southern Kyushu. It’s an environmentally friendly product with energy-saving and CO2-reducing properties.



Shirasukabe was used around screens (above, left) and counters (above, right)



Takachiho was an interior material supplier that helped create cafe 2010.*


* cafe 2010 has now closed.

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