Kagoshima Prefecture Eco House


Interior: Biocera Light

The Kagoshima Prefecture Eco House was built as part of a Kagoshima prefectural government project to promote reduced energy usage. Its design takes into account the local climate and makes active use of natural energy, allowing visitors to experience ways in which energy use can be reduced.
The interior of the house uses Biocera Light .


Exterior: The Eco House’s roof features solar panels for power generation and water heating. Bricks with excellent water-retentive properties containing shirasu and ash from burnt waste among other materials help to combat the urban heat island effect.

The Kagoshima Prefecture Eco House gives locals the chance to see environmentally friendly technologies in action, and make use of the experience in building their own homes.
The house displays the latest equipment and systems that can be introduced into the average home, building materials selected for Kagoshima’s unique environment, and environmentally friendly features that do not rely on equipment or devices.


The house provides a variety of experiences. Left: An energy conservation panel lets visitors check power consumption and hot water supply capacity. Right: Interior construction of floor, walls, and ceiling is visible.

Shirasu-kabe is employed in the living/dining room, and the use of natural materials and potential energy savings benefits have raised great expectations.
The humidity-controlling properties of Shirasu-kabe reduce the apparent temperature during Japan’s humid summer, reducing that unpleasant sticky feeling and making it easier to cut back on air conditioner usage.
The main raw ingredient of Shirasu-kabe is shirasu, a volcanic material sourced in southern Kyushu, to encourage local production for local consumption.
Shirasu’s superior odor-elimination qualities means it helps purify the air in rooms where it is used.


Living/dining room Biocera Light LB-74 with “knocked down” Arabake finish


Visitors can see a lot of the house’s environmentally friendly equipment, devices, and systems.

The next time you’re in Kagoshima, take the opportunity to experience this eco-friendly house and pick up some hints on what you can do to help create a society with a low environmental impact.


Kagoshima Prefecture Eco House
22-8/22-9 Shoyodai-cho, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima 899-2707, Japan

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