Nursing care service facilities

Fukuoka prefecture, Japan


used on interior walls: Biocera

Our latest Takachiho product application example is Kanmuraza, a multi-service facility that opened in April 2013 outside the city of Kurume, Fukuoka. The facility provides services for seniors requiring medical care. The services available combine outpatient care, inpatient care and visiting/at-home nursing care. Kanmuraza is a new type of nursing care insurance service facility with close ties to the local community.


Located on a site of about 850 square meters, the wooden single-story building has a total floor space of about 236 square meters. Its features include patient rooms, a dining hall, community interaction room, Japanese garden and cypress-wood bathing facilities with a view of the garden. The building’s original beams have been retained, and its interior walls are plastered with Biocera, a shirasu-based interior plastering product made by Takachiho.


Unusually for a Japanese facility, Kanmuraza has its own resident nursing and caregiver staff who can provide medical care, so day service is available even to patients who need periodic medical attention such as oxygen supplies or injected medications.
Although users are seniors suffering from various ailments, the interior is free from the odors usually accompanying illness and the elderly—the result of the outstanding deodorizing function of Shirasu-kabe.
Mrs Higuchi chairs the nonprofit organization that runs the facility. Together with her architect husband, she has toured Takachiho’s Kyushu plant three times. The Higuchis decided to use Takachiho products in the facility after thoroughly familiarizing themselves with the characteristics of the local shirasu volcanic ash native to Kyushu, and with the high quality of Takachiho’s shirasu-based products.


Kanmuraza has a staff of 12 nurses and 7 caregivers who provide 24-hour care along with helpers and visiting doctors. Shirasu-kabe is also used for offices and other areas used by staff, keeping the air pleasant throughout the entire facility.
Shirasu-kabe is a building material that creates a safe and pleasant air environment. It is used in facilities throughout Japan such as residences, shops, offices and medical facilities.

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