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Takachiho-shirasu product used on interior walls: Biocera

trattoria fermata is nestled in a quiet housing area in Kawaguchi, Saitama. This renowned Italian restaurant offers its guests delicious, carefully-prepared fare. The interior of the restaurant was designed using Biocera.


A bright, opens space designed using shirasu-based material and wood for a natural, comfortable interior.
Biocera SN-4


Owner and chef, Tsutomu Yamada, beckons guests to stay as long as they like. Yamada has traveled to more than 30 countries around the world and has even worked at a starred restaurant in northern Italy. In December 2010, Yamada opened trattoria fermata in a residential area in the city of Kawaguchi, just north of Tokyo, with the hopes of creating a restaurant that would be loved by the locals and encourage them to stay awhile.


Interior: Yamada selected all the elements, starting with shirasu-based walls, so as to create a unique and open feel. The result is a cozy space that makes great use of natural materials.
Biocera SN-4


“I wanted to create a restaurant that offers delicious food and drink at a reasonable price in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. I want to create a place where customers can stay as long as they like,” explains Yamada.
The restaurant does not just offer delicious cuisine, but homemade delicacies that take into consideration the guests’ health to give customers peace of mind about their food.
But that is not all; thought has also been given to the air inside the restaurant.
“Food safety and peace of mind are a matter of fact, but we also want our customers to enjoy a healthy and relaxing location, so we have been particular about the interior, and use shirasu-based walls. We want our guests to not only enjoy our delicious food, but also to breath clean air.”
Yamada explained that it was important to provide an interior constructed completely of natural materials without the use of chemicals to accommodate all customers, from children to the elderly. Shirasu-based walls, made of completely natural materials, help achieve this as a safe construction material for guests.
“The shirasu wall interior does not create a stuffiness of a closed room, but more of a clear feeling. I like in terms of the design and texture.”


The restrooms also use shirasu-based walls.
“I had planned on a complete mosaic tile finish for the restrooms, but I was interested in the deodorant effect of the shirasu walls, and I decided to go with shirasu-based material for the walls and ceilings.”
The vivid blue mosaic tile and white shirasu-based walls create a bright, clean space.

The restrooms are devoid of unpleasant odors for a clean feel.


fermata specializes in handmade pasta and charbroiled dishes. Guests can enjoy a variety of handmade pasta from different Italian regions, as learned by Yamada, and charbroiled meats hand-selected from around Japan.
The restaurant offers ingredients that have been carefully selected by Yamada who has a fondness for pork.

Sample of lunch items


Fragrant smells, sounds of the kitchen, soothing music, and voices talking.
trattoria fermata is a comfortable, relaxing spot.
Once again, people will flock to the restaurant to enjoy the delicious cuisine prepared by the chef.

trattoria fermata (Saitama,Japan)

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