Customers’ Opinions

The following are impressions from people living in homes constructed or renovated using Shirasu-kabe.


I am happy there is no smell. I am also pleased that my walls are in very good condition.   There is no tobacco odor where we smoke. And when I dry laundry indoors, there is no smell and it dries very well.
My biggest surprise was that the toilet was completely odorless. Next was the lack of dampness inside during the rainy season.   My family members were surprised when no smell remained in the house the morning after we grilled meat.
It’s wonderful to sleep so well.   I keep a pet in my house, but I am delighted that there is no animal smell.
I was delighted that it did not cause any symptoms of sick-house syndrome.   Only the rooms coated with Shirasu-kabe are free of dew condensation. And there is no problem even when I dry laundry!! No dampness!!
People who visit our house tell us that it does not have the characteristic new-house smell.   We moved into the house in May, and did not use an air-conditioner all summer.
My son had atopic dermatitis, but since we moved, I have not applied medication to him once.
And his hands and feet are clear.
  Our children’s stuffy noses are cured, and they can now sleep quietly.
My daughter suffered from sick house syndrome, but that has now cleared up, and even her asthma has disappeared.