What is Shirasu

1.What is shirasu?

Shirasu is the main ingredient used to make Takachiho’s Shirasu-kabe plaster material. It’s volcanic ejecta thought to have been created 25,000 years ago by the eruption of the Aira Caldera of southern Kyushu, Japan. Shirasu is a completely inorganic powder sintered naturally by the heat of magma.

How Shirasu Was Created

  What is shirasu?


2.What are the main components of shirasu?

Shirasu is composed mainly of silicic acid, alumina, calcium, sodium, magnetite and potassium. It also contains elements such as magnesium, titanium and manganese.

Shirasu and Magma

  What are the main components of shirasu?


3.Does Shirasu-kabe have any properties besides humidity-conditioning and deodorizing?

Yes. Shirasu-kabe is an energy-saving material that doesn’t require emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases during its manufacture since it doesn’t need to be kiln-fired like other plaster materials. It’s an inorganic, non-flammable material containing no toxic ingredients, and is extremely fireproof. Since it’s made entirely from natural ingredients, it does not release any potentially hazardous chemicals. It is made up of tiny particles that contain cavities accounting for the majority of their volume, giving it outstanding sound-absorption properties and making it an excellent thermal insulator.

Benefits of Shirasu-kabe

  Does Shirasu-kabe have any properties besides humidity-conditioning and deodorizing?


4.How is Shirasu-kabe applied?

Shirasu-kabe can applied like conventional plaster materials. It is mixed with water and stirred thoroughly before being applied by a plasterer using a trowel. It can be textured into various patterns before drying.

  How is Shirasu-kabe applied?


5.What type of buildings and rooms is Shirasu-kabe suited to?

Shirasu-kabe is ideal for single-family residences and a wide range of other structures. Its humidity-conditioning properties are highly effective in reducing condensation in apartments and in today’s single-family residences that are also becoming more prone to condensation due to more airtight construction. Shirasu-kabe is well suited for use in basements and warehouses where humidity is a problem, Since Shirasu-kabe is made entirely from natural ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals, its use is recommended in homes with infants, children or seniors with low resistance to infections. In food handling facilities such as restaurants and cafeterias where odors are an ongoing concern, Shirasu-kabe has a proventrack record of reducing odors. Users confirm that Shirasu-kabe substantially reduces problem food or tobacco odors. Shirasu-kabe is also well suited to facilities where occupant health is critical, such as hospitals, senior care facilities, schools, kindergartens and daycare facilities.

Shirasu-kabe uses

  What type of buildings and rooms is Shirasu-kabe suited to?