Oure philosophy

Takachiho’s Shirasu-kabe plaster material is created from all-natural ingredients, mainly a volcanic soil known as shirasu, accounting for about 60%. Shirasu is an extremely fine powder composed of irregularly shaped particles with many internal cavities separated by a complex web of structures. These cavities account for the majority of each particle’s volume, and can store and release moisture and humidity. The complex structure of the cavities increases each particle’s surface area, so that particles absorb and retain molecules of odors and other chemicals. These features give Shirasu-kabe unrivalled humidity-conditioning and deodorizing properties.

All-Natural Ingredients Create Health Benefits and Eco-Friendly Properties

Home builders must always put occupant health and comfort first. Takachiho’s shirasu-based plaster materials Shirasu-kabe Biocera and Biocera Light will change how you look at plaster.   All-Natural Ingredients Create Health Benefits and Eco-Friendly Properties


  • Health benefits: All-natural ingredients and no manmade chemicals create peace of mind.
  • Eco-friendly properties: Energy-saving manufacturing process. Outstanding properties improve heating/cooling efficiency.
  • High quality: Takachiho’s products are made in Japan, with each bag carefully made to order by workers highly knowledgeable about shirasu.

Four Benefits of Shirasu-kabe